About us

VONNAM is a on a mission to impact 100,000 lives through the use of Mirror Journals. Each journal is curated for the transformer, eager to find the right tool to take them to the next level in their self growth and healing journey. 

Like you, I was looking for inspiration to design the life that I desired. I originally designed the Mirror Journal for personal use. That quickly changed once the people around me saw the impact it made in my life and requested that I make a copy for them. That is how VONNAM was born.

Now, VONNAM is taking strides to share this gift far and wide. We are excited to be a part of your journey. We will be by your side through the ups and down that come with the healing process. 

 Our goal is to provide similar tools that would be used by youth in juvenile correctional institution and foster care system. For every 10 journals that are sold, we will donate one to this cause in hopes to bring more love and joy to the world.